What vaccines are required to have my dog play/stay at The Dog House Inn?

Your dog is required to be up to date on Rabies, the combination Distemper/Parvo vaccine, and Bordatella. The Bordatella vaccine must be given at least 7 days prior to coming to play/stay with us. All vaccinations need to have been given at least 48 hours in advance of your dog coming to play/stay. You will be asked to provide proof that your dog is up to date on these vaccines. If your dog is not up to date, you will be asked to make other arrangements. Thank you for your understanding!!!

Do you care for geriatric and other dogs with special needs?

Yes. We ask that you provide a detailed description of the accommodations we will need to make for your dog. For example, if they need help rising after periods of rest, or if they need their food softened, please let us know. We dispense medications as needed, at no extra charge.

Do you accept dogs that have failed the evaluations at other social facilities?

Often, yes. We believe that many dogs need to learn how to properly read other dogs’ body language. They can only learn this if they are around other dogs, in a supervised and controlled environment; and they do so here with our own balanced pack of dogs (never clients’ dogs). The dog park is not the right place to try this!! If this is your dog, we will work with you on a plan to help your dog learn to socialize properly. It may mean that we will suggest dog daycare a couple of days or ½ days or hours a week. It may mean that we will recommend your dog do a Board and Behave™ program with our training partner Dog Behavior Rehab. Please talk with us when you come in. Also, ask us about our referral program for other dog daycares. We will be happy to help your dog learn to socialize with other dogs, and then work with your local dog daycare to help your dog attend a place closer to home.

What if I don’t want my dog to be social with the other dogs?

That’s fine. We will offer your dog private play time in one of our yards.

Will you allow my family dogs to be boarded/lodge together?

Yes, however if we do not feel comfortable with them in the same run, crate or suite unsupervised, then we will not put them together. We can however put them next to each other. Please allow us to exercise our professional discretion for the safety of your dogs.

Do you accept pit bulls?

Yes. However, if your pit bull, bully breed, warrior or battle breed dog gets too rambunctious in their play style, which these breeds have a tendency to do, we will possibly be giving them more time outs than other dogs. All dogs, regardless of breed, that play too roughly will be given more time outs and naps than the non-rough dogs.

Do you accept dogs that have not been spayed or neutered?

Yes. We do not discriminate based on sexual status. We are very careful to separate the males and females, and ask the owners to sign a separate waiver. If your intact male has a tendency to mark everything throughout the day, we may charge an “excessive marking” fee of $25/day.

Are you licensed to board dogs?

The City of Gilroy does not require a kennel permit to operate a boarding kennel or dog daycare. However there is an extensive conditional use permit process that must be completed and the facility must have correct zoning. The City of Gilroy did not know what to do when we first applied. We worked with the city to set the standard for dog daycare and dog boarding facilities within the city limits of Gilroy. We received our conditional use permit for operating a dog daycare/boarding facility from the City of Gilroy in July of 2007, and have our business license through the City of Gilroy.

What if my dog becomes ill while under your care?

Staff is trained to notice illnesses, injury and so on. Our boarding contract states that we have the right to seek medical treatment for your pet. If there is a true emergency we will contact you enroute to the nearest veterinary facility. After hours that may mean we transport to the San Jose or Santa Cruz emergency clinics. All of our staff members are certified in Pet First Aid.

Why don’t you just let the dogs play all day long?

We are firm believers that dogs need restorative sleep. This is why we have a required naptime between 12 and 2 daily. Many dogs are like small children who just cannot put themselves down for a nap. They need help. The idea of cageless boarding and dog daycare has become very popular recently, which is all fine and good. Many dogs can handle that kind of atmosphere, but many can not. In a cageless boarding situation it may mean that super social dogs can’t rest when some activity is going on, and they may get cranky and over tired.

We are firm believers that constant movement and over-excited play can lead to fights. We strive at all times to keep your dog safe and in a balanced state of mind. Playing is good. However too much play or play that stays too excited is not a good idea for most dogs. You would be amazed at how happy the dogs are to go into their comfy crate and take a nap. They look forward to and let us know that it’s naptime!